The Classics

Jadeite Cabbage with Insects

One of the most famous masterpieces at the National Palace Museum, this dish utilizes fresh bokchoy sum (Chinese cabbage heart) from the farms of mid-Taiwan of comparable size and color to the artifact. Chefs boil it in a broth of quality chicken and ham, and serve it as a salad with black sesame sauce or as a hot dish with a dark broth sauce. The insects are represented by sergestid shrimps, which are high in calcium and proteins.

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Buddha's Tureen in Ting Cauldron with String Decoration

A representative creation from the Warring States period, replicas of this exquisite cauldron are filled with Buddha Tureen, also known as "Buddha jumps over the wall", a highly complex soup that takes two days to create. The name implies that it is so appealing, even Buddha himself would sneak out to get a taste of it. Quail eggs, bamboo shots, scallops, sea cucumber, abalone, chicken, Jinhua ham, pork tendon, mushrooms and taro are the main ingredients, which are stewed in a chicken broth for hours then topped with supreme shark fin.

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Meat-shaped Stone

Equally famed with the Jadeite Cabbage is the Meat-shaped Stone, which is reminiscent of Dongpo meat, known for its layers of fat and tastiness. In the Silks Palace version, our chefs select the best pig knuckle, stew it in a secret recipe sauce made with sugar, scallions, soy sauce and other things for two hours, and using their outstanding carving skills, carve out a shape that is exactly like the treasure.

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Chicken Wing Stuffed with Glutinous Rice

This is a very traditional and popular Cantonese dish. Steamed glutinous rice is stir-fried with ham, cilantro, scallop, and shrimp, then stuffed into meaty chicken wings and sealed. The wings are drizzled with vinegar and maple syrup, dried, then deep-fried to a golden crispy brown.

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Yu'an Dynasty Yun Lin Goose

A well-known traditional dish from the Su Xi region with a history of over 600 years. Said to be the zen master's featured dish for Ni Zan's dinner feast, tender goose is steamed with honey, salt, scallions, peppers, wine and chicken broth. Its bright color, wonderful fragrance, and marvelous texture was so loved by food connoisseur Yuan Mei Ping that he officially gave it the name Yun Lin Goose after Ni Zan's work.

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Classic Desserts in Chinese Curio Box

Once used to store and display curios, the box is now used to display handmade curio-like snacks such as Red Bean Pastries, Bird's Nest Egg Tart, Donkey Rolling (red bean and glutinous rice snack), Wan Do Huang (yellow soybean snack) and more which the emperors themselves once enjoyed and adored. Dessert items are changed periodically.

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Fruity Mao-kung Ting

This "ting" cauldron has a wide, flared mouth, a linked ring motif decorating the rim, upright handles, and three hoofed feet. Renowned ice-sculptor and award-winning chef Kuo Jin Long from Grand Formosa Regent Taipei carefully creates Mao-kung Tings from blocks of ice, which are then filled with luscious fruits of the beautiful island of Taiwan for a visual and gustatory delight.

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