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Silks Palace Activates Coronavirus Preventive Procedures


Due to the escalation of the Coronavirus situation, and to provide guests a safe dining space, Silks Palace has activated all-encompassing Coronavirus preventive procedures. 
The restaurant has executed the following:
1. All staff will have their temperatures taken and hands washed before work and will wear masks during work.
2. Each guest will have his or her temperature taken and hands disinfected upon arrival. Guests who exhibit coughing symptoms will be encouraged to visit a healthcare provider following standard procedure.
3. Tables are disinfected after each party’s departure.
4. Disinfection and cleaning efforts are expanded to include tables, doorknobs, elevator, all furniture and the floor.
5. Restaurant cleanliness will be enhanced and public area will be disinfected as well.
Please contact staff if you have any questions or feel unwell, we will provide immediate assistance. For more information, please refer to the CDC website or call CDC at 1922.

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